Movie Posters You Can

Get Behind.


Yes, This Really Is A Thing.

Today the internet has offered you something you never knew you needed; movie posters where all the characters faces have been replaced with butts. Hello, I’m Mitch, the grown-ass man who painstakingly drew all these posters by hand. There are nearly 20 custom poster prints in the shop. It’s okay to look, and it’s okay to buy one for your living room. You’re in a weird corner of the internet and at Buttbooth… we don’t judge.

An Assload of Detail

They may be cheeky, but these are high-quality works of art, printed on 80# cover (cardstock) with matte finishes. Each print was illustrated at 300 dpi.  That means all butts are delivered in crisp, high-resolution glory.

Bowel's Moving Asshole

(Cl)ass Up
The Office

No workspace is complete without a Buttbooth Print. Work in a shared space? Put one of these up and your coworkers will never come near your desk again. Productivity, thy name is Buttbooth!

Kung Poo Panda

More Junk In The Trunk

Odds are, there’s a print for you in the shop. And if not, there’s no better way to punish a friend or family member this holiday season, then by shipping them a beautiful Buttbooth monstrosity.